About Bricklayers Local 6 of Canton, Ohio

Bricklayers Local 6 was chartered on December 2, 1885. Since our founding, members of BAC Local 6  have trained and represented the most highly skilled trowel trades craftworkers across Central Eastern Ohio. Our members are highly skilled, experienced bricklayers, stone and marble masons, tilesetters, terrazzo and mosaic workers, and pointers/ cleaners/ caulkers. With over a century of protecting the rights of our workers, the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers is the oldest continuous union in North America.


Flory Fernandez, President
Tom Balestra, Vice President
Joshua Moss, Secretary/Treasurer
Dave Fether, Sergeant at Arms
Justin Gartrell, Joshua Moss, and Jeremiah Unklesbay, Negotiating Committee